About the Lincoln Haymarket Arena

We have an opportunity to invest in our community and build the Lincoln Haymarket Arena. The Lincoln Haymarket Arena is good for Lincoln families now and in the future.

For now, it creates almost 8,000 jobs over three years while the arena is built. These good-paying construction jobs will be added when we need them the most - during a tough economy. In the future, the Lincoln Haymarket Arena will add more than 1,000 permanent jobs at the arena and in the surrounding retail, commercial and residential area.

The Lincoln Haymarket Arena, together with the ice center, recreation fields, hotel, new shops, restaurants, and other development, will bring in new events and will generate more than $260 million of economic activity in our community each year. Millions of additional dollars each year will continue to move Lincoln in the right direction making it a great place to live, work, and raise a family.

The arena will be the new home of University of Nebraska basketball for years to come. Athletic Director Tom Osborne predicts enthusiasm will go up, helping recruitment so the school can be more competitive.

Importantly, the Lincoln Haymarket Arena will be built without increasing your property taxes. Instead, a public-private partnership, including more than $30 million in private donations, will fund the arena project. A majority of the revenues needed for the project are provided through private donations, investment and non-Lincoln residents.

These tough economic times mean that we need to do everything we can to keep and create good paying jobs, while we continue to build a bright future in our community, and this plan does just that.

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